Simon Fell



It’s a huge honour to have been chosen as the Conservative Party's parliamentary candidate for Barrow and Furness. 


Over the next few weeks and months, I plan to get out and about, listening to you and meeting as many people as possible. Together, we can campaign on the things which matter the most to you and your family. And I’m confident that together, we can make improvements that will be felt from Barrow Island to the Crake Valley and in every town and village between. 


Over the last few years, local people have repeatedly told me that they're fed up with Barrow being left behind. And they’re  concerned about the impact that a Corbyn government might have on Barrow and Furness. 


I have a plan that will make the case for Furness to get a fair shake from the Government. My plan is for a better funding settlement for our schools and local NHS services, improved roads and rail, enhanced connectivity with super-fast broadband for all of our communities, and a real community action plan to tackle poverty and to accelerate social mobility so that everyone can have a bright future in this area.


Achieving this means working together with our community, partners in the NHS, local government, and businesses to make the case to retain and grow our vital public services and invest in Furness’ future. 


I'd be ideally placed to work with government and Conservative colleagues across Cumbria to bring in the investment that Barrow and Furness deserves and needs.


I'll update and add to this site and my social media pages as I walk the wards in this fantastic constituency and as I chat and listen to you and your families about the challenges ahead and the opportunities which matter the most to you.


Please do let me know what you think through or Twitter and Facebook.


And if you feel able to support my campaign - in any way - I'd really appreciate it. Since 2015, we’ve reduced the Labour majority in Barrow and Furness to just 209 votes by getting our positive message out there. We may still have a mountain to climb, but I’m confident we can do it. 


Thank you again for visiting.



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