Councillor warns against over development for fear of flood risks

Now that winter is approaching the worry is upon us all. The impact of a wet winter on our infrastructure; the A590, our rural villages, businesses and residential properties.

We have seen welcomed improvements to flood defences throughout Ulverston. South Ulverston is still awaiting work, however, and until more funding is secured it remains at risk

Added to this, the pressures which additional houses proposed will add to our sewerage systems, it is time to reassess our planning policies so that the flood risks are seriously addressed. Most of our homes in Ulverston were built when a lot of houses didn’t have a bathroom and the main sewer system is of a past age. 

And yet, we are still building near to flood planes. As councillors, we need to be singing from the same hymn book and unite in a common goal for all of our residents.

Cllr. Andrew Butcher.