Tackling Rural Crime

We will get Brexit done by 31st October so we can focus on investment in NHS services, schools, getting a grip on crime and delivering a strong economy.

Commenting on the Prime Minister's pledge for 20,000 extra Police Officers, Simon Fell said "Like so many of you, I welcome the Prime Minister’s pledge of 20,000 extra Police, to be delivered over the next 36 months. 

And I want to ensure that Barrow & Furness, and especially our rural communities, gets its fair share of the newly pledged funding. 

Fill in my short survey to tell me your experiences of disorder, anti-social behaviour, and rural crime, so that I am best able to make the case for Barrow & Furness to government."


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Simon Fell


It’s a huge honour to have been chosen as the Conservative Party's parliamentary candidate for Barrow and Furness. 

Fill in our survey about rural crime

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1.1 Have you experienced or witnessed any forms of rural crime?
1.2 Which of the following crimes have you encountered in the area in the last few months?
1.3 On a scale of 0–10, how safe do you consider your community?
Where 10 is extremely safe and 0 is extremely unsafe
1.4 What measures would you like to see to reduce rural crime in your community?