CUMBRIA FLOOD EXPO   Has asked us to help make awareness of this event, please see attached their poster advertising the inaugural Cumbria Flood Expo.


Hello Team,

As you will all probably know by now we have a big by election on our hands. If you would like to help in this local and historic by election then please see below. If you can't make this date and would like to help let me know and I can sort something out for you.

Morecambe Bay to Heysham letter by Alan Pemberton

Dear Minister, Some time ago I wrote to the prime minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer regarding National Grid having to spend over £700 million pounds to dig a 16ft diameter tunnel to take a cable across Morecambe Bay to the Heysham Power Station.

Remembrance Sunday at Ulverston

Remembrance Sunday at Ulverston Laying wreaths on Remembrance Sunday (13 November) to pay tribute to those fallen during the First and Second World Wars and other conflicts.

The Peace Garden in Kendal

Councillor Andrew Butcher & James Airey from Ulverston with Bill Waring from Grange joined with Police and Crimes Commissioner Peter McCall, at the Peace Garden at Kendal.


Dear Residents

Dear Residents I was born in Barrow in 1971 and grew up in Hindpool. I clearly remember the 13 week strike in the shipyard and queuing at the Salvation Army with my mother to get food