Councillor Alan Pemberton Trident Letter

Councillor Sweeney can huff and puff as much as he likes but he cannot get away from the fact that Ed Milliband (I want the cheapest replacement),Alan Johnson (we might negotiate on things like bringing it down to three boats )

Credit where it's not due

All too often, those of us in politics play the very silly game of claiming credit when we had little (or nothing) to do with the thing that we're talking about, or blaming the other side when things go wrong which are entirely out of their control.

Cumbrians deserve a mayor of their own.

Looking at London, you can see the positive impact that the Mayor has had, fighting the capital's corner on the national stage and ensuring that those parts of the capital which aren't high profile get a fair shake. Cumbria needs a strong, accountable, leader like that.

A welcome £257 million investment in Successor from the Conservative Government

Yesterday, the Conservative Government announced an additional £257 million investment for BAE in Barrow to complete the design phase for the Successor programme. Frankly, the news couldn't have come at a better time.The £257 million will put the next Government in a position to immediately approve Successor when the Main Gate decision comes up next year. That investment is a vote of faith by the Conservative Government in Barrow. It will secure 1,400 jobs at the yard and give BAE the security they need to continue and invest in our community - as they already are with the 335 apprenticeships announced in December.

Questions to Answer

Questions to answerSimon Fell March 4, 2015Guido Fawkes' website reports today that Barrow & Furness' MP, John Woodcock, has been referred to the Standards Commissioner by a fellow MP for breach of the rules around the use of pre-paid House of Commons envelopes to solicit donations for a campaign that he is running on the retention of local healthcare services. 

Comments on the Kirkup Report

Comments on the Kirkup ReportSimon Fell March 3, 2015Dr Kirkup’s report is absolutely damning. It is now confirmed: poor care, a breakdown in trust, and a complete failure of accountability at MBHT led to the preventable and tragic deaths of dozens of babies and mothers.Dr Kirkup's report speaks of:“...a pattern of failure to recognise the nature ans severity of the problem, with, in some cases, denial that any problem existed, and a series of missed opportunities to intervene that involved almost every level of the NHS.”— The Report of the Morecambe Bay Investigation

Fundraising Dinner

Fundraising DinnerNot purchased your ticket yet? To meet Nigel Evans MP and Mr Simon Fell our Prospective MP for Barrow and Furness. We still have places available at the Fairway Hotel (Stroke One golf course) come along and meet fellow conservatives, councillors and prospective councillors at this excellent event for only £25.00 don’t miss out.

Improving the A590

Improving the A595Simon Fell February 24, 2015I've spent much of the last few weeks travelling up and down the A590 and A595 in order to get to meetings and learn more about the issues which people would like to see me campaign on and weave into the personal manifesto that I'm putting together ahead of the election campaign.